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Fundraising & Donations

At Twoheys, supporting our community matters.  Twoheys supports and aligns itself with a variety of causes, but we have a particular affinity for causes that support local organizations and schools and organizations that support physically and mentally challenged members of our community.


Let us help you raise money for your organization with our DINE OUT fundraising program.  Enjoy delicious food and beverages in a fun atmosphere along with your family and friends while earning funds to support your designated organization.  

Twoheys DINE OUT fundraiser makes fundraising as easy as 1-2-3.  

How does DINE OUT work?

1)  We provide customized flyers with all the details.  You distribute the flyers to your supporters physically or digitally as a PDF.

2)  During the event, your supporters present the flyers (printed out or on their cell phones) when they order their meal.  

3)  After the event, Twoheys will put a check in the mail for 15% of net sales that your event brings in (including alcohol sales).  

That's it.  Easy as 1-2-3!

What day can we book our fundraiser?

We reserve Wednesday's each week for our Dine Out events.  

How often can we book a fundraiser?

Once a year, once a month or as of often as you like!  

Who do I contact to organize the fundraiser?

Contact our Catering & Event Director Athena at 626-375-7510 or to schedule your fundraiser.


How do I submit a request for a donation?

All donation requests must be submitted in writing.  Drop off requests directly at Twoheys or mail to Twohey's Restaurant 424 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, CA  91030  Attn: Donations.

How do you decide which donations are approved?

Because of the number of donation requests we receive, it is our company policy to limit donations to 3 each quarter.

What is your lead time for reviewing requests?

We require at least 6-8 weeks prior to the date the donation is needed to review the application and make a decision.